Technology Consulting

EIDETIK has experience in the unique funding and expense management required by government regulators and agencies in the human service field. EIDETIK’s Management Information Systems are specially tailored to meet these unique needs. EIDETIK has the experience and contacts necessary to assist in obtain the funding to acquire new facilities or refurbish existing projects. We can arrange for long term leasing of facilities.

Information Technology plays a major role in the successful operation of human service agencies. EIDETIK specifies, provides, and maintains its clients’ technology infrastructure including computers, telephone systems, and network. In technology, timing is critical and EIDETIK knows when the time is right to adopt new technology. Too often unsuitable products and systems are purchased too quickly at great expense to the agency and with little benefit to the agencies services. EIDETIK monitors technological advances and implements new technologies only after the benefits of improved services through time and cost savings can be realized. EIDETIK supports its clients’ computers through remote access via the Frame Relay network. We make sure that all patches are installed, and anti-virus software is up-to-date. We provide email services for our clients from modern servers with full spam and virus detection/deletion.