EIDETIK provides a full range of management services to human service agencies. These services include:


For over 15 years EIDETIK has developed and refined its Management Information Systems for ICF-MRs.  The flagship DDMgr™ suite uses Intranet and Internet technology to provide a broad array of services to facilities anywhere.  Facility managers can obtain information and reports both at home and at the office.  Security of information is paramount and only authorized computers and users can connect to our servers.  Training is provided through on-site training, extensive help files, and telephone support.  Existing computers running Windows NT, 2000, and XP or newer operating systems will work with DDMgr™.  Our goal is to have staff focus on care rather than time consuming data entry.  Accordingly all systems are designed to minimize time data entry while meeting all regulatory guidelines and requirements.

Management reports are available on demand and designed to consolidate data so that informed decisions can be made.

DDMgr™ provides a comprehensive set of services enabling effective management of ICF-MR centers. These services include

Resident Care Services:

  • Residents escrow accounts
  • Active Treatment and Outcome Measures
  • Behavioral Tracking and Functional Assessment
  • Dietary
  • Nursing medication administration
  • Wellness Monitoring

Human Resources Services:

  • Personnel Screening and Training
  • Personnel records
  • Progressive discipline tracking

Operational Services:

  • Inventory and Property Tracking
  • Facilities and Vehicle Maintenance:work orders, oil changes, history, preventative maintenance, etc.

Financial Services:

  • Transfers, Census, and Billing
  • Financial/Cost Reporting
  • Project Analysis
  • Purchasing Systems/Solutions
  • Budget Design/Monitoring
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Billing Services
  • Accounts Payable and Payment Management
  • Cash Management
  • Purchasing – simple 4 digit codes, mandatory POs, checked against approved budget
  • Payroll & timekeeping
    • Direct deposit to multiple accounts
    • Variety of payroll deduction options
    • Federal and State tax filing
    • Governmental Reporting
    • W2 printing and magnetic media reporting