EIDETIK provides a full range of management services to human service agencies. These services include:

When community and healthcare leaders see the need for new services, EIDETIK will respond to an invitation to assist in this process. EIDETIK has the experience to prepare the necessary documents and business plan required by licensing authorities. EIDETIK understands the real estate needs and how to communicate with nearby homeowners in order to gain their trust and approval.

There are many large institutional facilities operating in America today that are aware of the need to “re-tool” their facilities but are unsure of where to start. By re-tooling we mean the construction of community-inclusive home settings rather than the cold institutional “nursing-home” layouts of yesteryear. EIDETIK has the ability to perform full relocation projects providing the expertise and resources to help these organizations from the planning stage to the operating stage and anywhere in between. EIDETIK will not only keep information intact during this process, but will improve data-collection and quality drastically by using our integrated management information system