EIDETIK was founded by William Beaven in 1990 as a specialty healthcare management company for the development and management of Intermediate Care Facilities – Mental Retardation (ICF-MR) and waiver programs. Prior to the formation of Eidetik, Mr. Beaven was involved in service-delivery start-ups and/or expansions in Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. The firm currently provides management services to more than 80 facilities in 6 states. These facilities employ nearly 2,000 staff and represent yearly operating budgets of over 80 million dollars.

Based in Uniontown KY on the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana, EIDETIK operates a state-of-the-art data processing center and provides a secure high speed frame relay intranet connecting each facility.

EIDETIK is committed to assisting and supporting people with disabilities discover and realize their personal life goals. We are a close knit interdisciplinary team of health care professionals who have successfully operated for many years. We recognize that management is more than just numbers. Effective management allows each discipline to flourish on its own and help support the success of the others. Each discipline’s views and goals are represented in all management decisions, producing balanced, professional results. Our staff and partners include:

  • Certified public accountants with specialty areas of expertise in forecasting, budgets, reimbursement, cost reporting, collections, compliance and general accounting.
  • Operations specialists with a diverse experience in ICF-MR living facilities, CON, behavioral assessment, training, and habilitation.
  • Information technology specialists with experience in custom software design, servers, and networks.
  • Engineering specialists with experience in site location, facility design, construction, and ongoing facility management.