For nearly 20 years and through two generations of development platforms, this software has set a new standard for comprehensive systems integration for agencies within the human services industry.

EIDETIK provides computer based services using a robust ASP (Application Service Provider) business model. This means that client computers are connected via a secure intranet to servers in our central facility. This also means that the use of our software does not involve a tremendous investment in server or network infrastructure. Our system has the speed and capacity to handle the needs of large users without service degradation.

EIDETIK is a word used in German psychiatric journals that loosely translated means “new innovative ideas”. To us, this “innovative idea” was the realization of the role that technology could play in quality service delivery within the human services field. Applied, the Eidetik realization was the design and subsequent use of a fully-integrated database system for all operational and management components within human service agencies.

EIDETIK provides a complete set of management services to agencies within the human services industry. As service-providers and as managers, the specialized services we are capable of providing have grown to include the development and acquisition of service-delivery models, facility design and construction management, full financial services, technology consulting, and the design and implementation of Management Information Systems.

EIDETIK is run by a management team with hands-on experience in operating agencies within the human services industry. EIDETIK believes that the local facility staff is best at focusing on providing care to the residents, not a pie-in-the-sky management company. Our systems were designed to enhance and facilitate the delivery of care by infusing sound and time-tested principles of quantification and design to process-management within the organization. Furthermore, our systems are designed with the flexibility and user-friendliness necessary for an ever-changing field.